How to Make a Healthy Sandwich

sandwich contest winning sandwich

The winning sandwich of last week’s contest? Cream cheese and veggies on whole grain bread, garnished with spinach leaves and berries

While competing in a sandwich-making contest at the Success Center last week, kids discovered some new favorite fillings (hummus and cucumbers; berries and low-fat cream cheese; even spinach!) and parents learned tips for preparing healthy sandwiches at home. See below for some suggestions.

  • Substitute whole fruit for jelly. Bananas and peanut butter go nicely together, as do berries and low-fat cream cheese. Purchase frozen blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries when fresh ones aren’t season.
  • A staple in the Middle East and North Africa, hummus is rich in protein, iron and fiber, and easy to prepare at home using canned chickpeas, garlic, and olive oil. (Click here for a simple recipe.) It can also be purchased at most supermarkets. Spread hummus on whole grain bread and add slices of cucumber or bell pepper, or use it as a substitute for mayo.
  • When browsing the bread aisle at the supermarket, look for 100% whole grain loaves with the least amount of sugar and preservatives. If possible, purchase fresh bread at a local bakery, or spend some quality time with your children baking bread at home (it’s cheap and relatively easy), and store the loaves in the freezer.
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