Planting an Indoor Herb Garden

Gardening class photo 1

Shani Brinkley helps kids plant basil, cilantro and parsley seeds

Mint plant photo

We’re growing mint and other herbs to use in future cooking classes.

Fresh herbs add flavor to meals and can even serve as a substitute for salt. Herbs grown at home are cheaper than those bought at the store, and make for a fun family project. Last week, health coach Shani Brinkley of the HUB Health Generator demonstrated how to plant an indoor herb garden and taught families how to spruce up a fruit salad with mint, using leaves from a mint plant growing here at the success center. After the workshop, participants received their choice of cilantro, basil, and parsley seeds to take home. See below for tips on starting your own indoor herb garden.

  • Teach kids the importance of recycling, and use recycled materials such as toilet paper or paper towel rolls as seed starters. Place the rolls in plastic cups or other containers, and fill each tube halfway with soil, then plant seeds. Cardboard egg cartons are another good choice.
  • Since cardboard is biodegradable, toilet paper rolls and egg carton cells can be transplanted directly to a larger pot or container when the seeds start to sprout. See here for tips on transforming aluminum cans into planters.
  • Place seed starters on a windowsill or other sunny spot and water every other day.
  • To provide plants with extra nutrients, mix crushed egg shells, which are rich in calcium, and coffee grounds, which contain nitrogen, into the soil.
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